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Let's Talk About Breathing! Global One Health - Lisa Marie Kocsis | Certified Pilates Instructor

Lisa Marie Kocsis | Certified Pilates Instructor

Let's Talk About Breathing! While breathing is an integral principle of the Pilates technique, it is also the most basic component of life. Without breath, we can not live. An individual takes approximately 23,000 breaths per day.

WHY IS BREATH AWARENESS IMPORTANT? Aside from the obvious, that it is essential for life, how we breathe directly affects our posture and our ability to activate our core musculature. These aspects are two of the primary reasons why people practice Pilates. While many clients have expressed their desire to improve their core strength and postural alignment, they are, probably unbeknownst to them, needing to address possible breathing dysfunction. Proper posture enables the muscles that comprise our core to engage much more effectively, which results in an improved quality of breathing. In turn, when we think about how we're breathing, we can cue ourselves to increase activation of our core, which can posit…